By producing what is, undoubtedly, the finest quality
museum exhibitry there is with bubble-free seams and
virtually distortion-free polished surfaces, we have
become a leader in producing museum vitrines and
cabinetry. Museum Acrylics Company has shown
outstanding quality in all aspects of design, manufacture
and installation. Our vitrine manufacturing process
stands far above any other more conventional
techniques of acrylic fabrication.
Museum Acrylics Company
Since 1980, we have been heavily involved in the museum
acrylics industry, producing custom vitrines and related
items for The Smithsonian, as well as other public and
private museums and galleries. With this previous
experience behind it, Museum Acrylics Company will be
able to handle any and all of your exhibit
turn-around and pricing.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, DC.
Exhibit Contractor:  Proto Productions

A willingness to stand by our work is what separates Museum
Acrylics Company from the rest of the pack in what is a very
competitive market.

We look forward to working with you and your staff in what
will become a sound and reliable business relationship.

Please visit our "Completed Projects" page to view a partial
list of recent Museum Acrylics projects.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

George R. Laurence
Project Manager and Designer
Women's Air and Space Museum
Cleveland, Ohio
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